RSForm! Pro Modules

First you will have to download, install and configure the mod_rsform module. You can download it by logging in to your RSjoomla! account, then head to Downloads -> My downloads area.

To install the mod_rsform module just go to Extensions > Install/Uninstall: browse the downloaded file and click "Upload & Install".

Forms can be displayed in the front-end in a module position (left, right, top etc) using the mod_rsform module.

When configuring the module's parameters, make sure you setup the Form Id correctly. The Form Id can be viewed in the "Manage Forms" tab.

If you want to display the module inside an article, you have to follow these steps:

  • You will have to add a custom position for the module(it should be an unique position), for example myposition.
  • In your article you use Joomla! syntax which triggers the LoadPosition plugin.

On the left side of the page you will find the The RSForm! Pro Feedback module.This module displays a button in a certain position(top, right, left or bottom) on your site which will display a chosen form inside a modal(depending on the option chosen in the module) when pressed. More information about it can be found in the following article.

The mod_rsformlist makes it possible to create a module to list the submissions for a given form. More information about installing and using the module at the top of the page.

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